Lease Application

Desired Property Information

Applicant's Information

Current Address

Other Occupants

Employment Status

Current Employer

Previous Employer

Additional employment history may be added below if applicable.


Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2

Personal References

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Emergency Contact

Conditions of Application

  1. The undersigned applicant(s) hereby authorize the landlord to perform a credit check at Tenant's sole cost and expense.
  2. All deposits made on application are NON-REFUNDABLE. Security deposit will be refunded in full on all rejected applications.

The undersigned applicant hereby certifies that all of the statements contained herein are true and accurate and that any misstatements whatsoever shall constitute sufficient grounds for the Landlord to declare, upon three days notice to said applicant, that the Rental Agreement entered into between the parties is null and void. It is expressly understood that all of the information supplied herein by the undersigned is furnished to induce Landlord to enter into said Rental Agreement and that he will rely on the same, and that all the statements contained herein are material. The above is in no way an approval of the aforesaid application.

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